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One of the best vapor cigarettes that we have tried this year has to go to ProSmoke .Their vapor cigarette starter kits has been rated as the number one cigarette by many other publications.

Once you use their vapor cigarettes, it becomes very clear why their vapor cigs are rated so high.  It is the closest thing that I have used to feeling like you are smoking an actual cigarettes.  The draw on their cigs is very close to a real cigarette.  I would be lying if I said that it was identical but it is very close.

The amount of smoke that you can draw is amazing when compared to other vapor cigarettes.  This is not some discount item.  This is top of the line equipment that is just sold at a very reasonable price.


The Super Starter Kit which is a step above their standard starter kit goes for $99.99 while their discount kit goes for $59.99 are as good as it gets.  You can get some other vapor cigarettes that cost a little cheaper but will not work as well so its not much of a discount when you compare actual usage of the products.

Learn About Cartomizers and Atomizers

Learn about Cartomizers and Atomizers for Vapor Cigarettes:

Cartomizers (cartos) are among the simplest ways to get a portable and consistent vape. They’re metal tubes filled with polyfill that absorbs the e-liquid and holds it. The wick heats the polyfill inside and causes the e-liquid to vaporize. You breathe it in and feel happy. Fortunately, cartos aren’t expensive and run around $1-$2 each. Some people treat cartos as disposable, throwing them out after a few refills, while others try to clean them with alcohol or similar products in the hopes of extending their life. The choice is yours. A thorough cleaning is typically required to change juice flavors, though some flavors (especially menthol, cinnamon, and clove) will never really leave.

Atomizers (atties) are a throwback to the earlier days of vaping. An atomizer is just a bit of wick that you have to keep topping up as you vape. The main ways of doing this are either dripping or using a cartridge that holds liquid inside using surface tension and dumb luck. The cartridge/atomizer combination is a bit of a pain for beginners, but dripping on an atomizer is noted for the strength of flavor produced and the ease with which one can switch flavors.

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Smokeless Cigarettes With Water Vapor

Smokeless cigarettes is a way of explaining what a vapor cigarette does.  When you use a vapor cigarette and puff on it, it generate a water vapor.  That water vapor will look like a cloud of smoke.  But that cloud of smoke is not really smoke.  It is made up of a water vapor and that is the beauty of vapor cigarettes.

It is also the reason why so many people like smokeless cigarettes because it doesn’t stain your teeth.  It doesn’t give you bad breadth.  It doesn’t hurt the people around you as well.

So there is nothing better than being able to enjoy your nicotine high without incurring many of the dangerous tar and substances that are inside every real cigarette.



Hello Vapor Smokers

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